St Kilda Films has produced many award-winning documentaries, dramas and shorts.

The Female Gaze – Women Directors Talk is a documentary featuring eight iconic female directors discussing whether there is such a thing as a ‘female gaze’ and if so how it impacts the filmmakers’ output and world view.

The focus is documentary film and the filmmakers are: Phie Ambo (Denmark), Gillian Armstrong (Australia), Pirjo Honkasalo (Finland), Nishtha Jain (India), Nancy D Kates (USA), Kim Longinotto (UK), Marie Mandy (Belgium/France), and Ileana Stanculescu (Romania). 

The Female Gaze is written and directed by Lisa French and co-produced and edited by Mark Poole.

Julia Britton – Fearless tells the story of 92-year-old Julia Britton who travels to London from Melbourne to put on a play.

The Truth Will Out, written and directed by Mark Poole, tells the story of corporate collusion:

It’s No Joke is about sexual harassment in the workplace, written and directed by Mark Poole.