Feature film in development

Coincidence is Hitch meets My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Jane Marshall engineers chance meetings between lonely people to ignite romance. When an unscrupulous woman hires Jane to set up a romance with a lovely guy, she has to choose between her duty to her client and tipping him off.

Genre – comedy/romance

Quote – Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous


Needing more clients to keep the business afloat, Jane pitches Co-Incidence Inc to an unscrupulous businesswoman Tania Perkins.

Tania hires Jane to set up a date with Will, a highly talented mathematician of integrity. Tania on the other hand proves to be unprincipled and sleazy.

Jane struggles to engineer a successful meeting between the pair. Finally in desperation she suggests the only thing that may work is for Tania to come clean about her feelings for Will. To Jane’s amazement Will agrees to marry Tania.

Tania refuses to pay the fee unless Jane’s company organises the wedding and delivers Will to the altar.

On the wedding eve, Jane confesses strong feelings for Will but feels obliged to admit her role in getting him to marry Tania. Shocked, Will walks out before the ceremony.

Tania sues Jane for breach of contract and she has to deploy all the skills she gathered as a detective to keep the business afloat.

Jane takes a holiday and bumps into Will, who is still furious with her for meddling with his life. Coincidence? Or Fate?